Carabid beetle males and their twisted genital orientation

Some male carabid beetles stow their tackle pointing to the left, others point to the right. They’re just born that way. Jim Liebherr and I recently published a paper in Insect Systematics & Evolution about this. The abstract starts with… “Western Australian populations of Mecyclothorax punctipennis (MacLeay) exhibit chiral polymorphism for male genitalic asymmetry. The […]

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone that filled out the little survey for Sarah’s class project. For this small project she was looking only at records for Pterostichus californicus and P. vicinus in the Bay Area. The conclusion for this small exploration are: 1. Specimens in the museum collection are representative of the life cycle and shifts in abundance for these […]

Inspiring writing

  Text Extracted from G.E. Ball & R.E. Roughly 1982 The Hypherpes-like taxa of southern Mexico: classification, and evolutionary considerations (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Pterostichus). Transactions of the American Entomological Society. 108(3) 315-399.   Introduction The wealth of nations is generally assessed in terms of precious metals and stones, in terms of materials that can be converted […]