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Rainbeetle season

Though I typically go out and about looking for ground beetles, occasionally I abandon any thought of self-esteem and chase scarabaeoids, longhorn beetles and such. In California, the autumn and early winter rains bring out both Pleocoma rainbeetles and me … Continue reading

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Register those Sp. Nov.

If you haven’t seen or heard of the new amendment to the The Code you probably have been under a rock (what species of carabids were under there with you?). You can look at the amendment in detail by way … Continue reading

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The scutellum has no striae

For the describers of carabids…..  We really need an online, cross-referenced, multilingual glossary of terms for carabids. I think that there are many cases that such a reference would help. One of these cases (a pet peeve of mine) is … Continue reading

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Pterostichus at Portola

I recently was out sampling at Portola Redwoods State Park and my old friend Pterostichus lama was the main target of interest. Pterostichus lama is the largest New World pterostichine and in North America, the only comparably large carabids are species of Pasimachus. Although large and … Continue reading

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