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What am I?

Here is a little game. Do you know what this is? This is not a new image, the original was taken by Ainsley Seago some time back. It appeared in printed form as a mystery photo. I thought it would … Continue reading

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Aggregation of Carabidologists in Pittsburgh, PA

Hanging out and doing museum work with a bunch of carabidologist at the Carnegie Museum was great fun and very rewarding, even in the face of our largely grim purpose. We gathered to help with the posthumous curation of Tom … Continue reading

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Following T.G. Sloane

Thomas G. Sloane is probably my favorite dead Australian.  Well it’s a tough call between him and Bon Scott, but TGS was an entomologist extraordinaire, so the call goes with him. Thomas Sloane described about 600 species of carabids. No … Continue reading

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