Who’s up for a Friday night Coleoptera type specimen mystery?

I have the type of Leiradira blandula Tschitscherine. It is without doubt the holotype as the labels match the description, sex, etc. I am equally certain that this species occurs nowhere near Adelaide, South Australia. It is a northeast NSW and southern QLD species. The label in the upper right is almost certainly in Tschitscherine’s hand, which to my eye doesn’t match the locality tag script in the lower left.

Leiradira blandula type labels

Leiradira blandula type labels

Does anyone have any clues? Given the Bates-> Oberthur-> Tschitscherine history of this specimen, who would have put that locality on it? Maybe you are familiar with the handwriting or recognize the graph paper used from specimens you have seen? Who did Bates get Australian material from? Is there a particular voyage that sent material to him. Knowing that could help.

from Tschitscherine's description

from Tschitscherine’s description

I can fix the type locality without this, but I am curious, and yes, this is how I spend my Friday nights.


About Kip Will

I'm an insect systematist with expertise in carabid beetles, who is always happiest in the bush.
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2 Responses to Who’s up for a Friday night Coleoptera type specimen mystery?

  1. Henri Goulet says:

    Dear Kip: I was reading about the L blandula being associated withAdelaide. Consider the possibility that Adelaide may refer to the museum collection not the locality. Probably Tschtscherine had only this information. You might have to designate a type locality.

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