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Don’t mess with soft-winged flower beetles

Another little tale from my enigma bucket. For a number of years I have been casually trying to work out the chemicals produced by some of the local melyrid beetles. Many species have eversible abdominal and/or thoracic pouches, vivid aposomatic … Continue reading

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Bursal Glands, another female riddle

Akephorus marinus from Pt. Reyes, CA. There are lots of features of the carabid female reproductive tract that are obvious in dissections but we still don’t know what they do. Even if we have a good idea of the function … Continue reading

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Uncanny Bombardier Beetles

We made quinoneless Bombardier beetles. That’s right. Weird and cool. We are practicing our mad-scientist cackling laughs now. It’s very exciting news from my lab, or more correctly from the collaborative consisting of Wendy Moore’s Lab (U. of AZ), who … Continue reading

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