THEM! turns 60. Watch it [again] and tweet (26 Nov – 2 Dec).

THEM!   girlthat amazing, big rubber ant monster movie, was released in 1954. Let’s celebrate this classic big-bug movie turning 60 years old by watching it [again] over the next week. If you have seen it before (I have more than a dozen times) find a friend that hasn’t seen it yet and get him or her to watch it with you. And while you watch post tweets including the hash tag #THEM1954 so I can watch for your comments. I’ll collect the tweets and post a blog with them later. Also you can comment on this blog page, but then it will have to wait for me to approve the comment.

I’m having my ESPM40 students watch it  in class 1100-noon Pacific time, Wednesday 26 Nov (part 1) and Monday 1 Dec (part 2) or over break on their own. I’m asking them to tweet while they watch (if they are on Twitter). So you can watch for their tweets at #THEM1954 .


Movie buffs will know that Leonard Nimoy also makes a cameo appearance. Can you find him?

Not many things are more endearing than big, rubbery, insect movie monsters of the 1950s. Back when I was a youngster (Them! was published 10 years before I was born) and there was only about three of four channels on TV and half of the TVs were black and white, I relished the chance to stay up late on a Saturday night watch these movies that are now classics.

It is also a great chance to talk about insects, entomology and how the culture of the movie version of the 1950s (particularly attitudes towards science and women) have and have not changed in 60 years.

What’s your favorite line from the movie? [mine is “Get the antennae! Get the antennae!”]

At one point you could watch it free online, but I could only find a very low quality archive version now. It is pretty cheap to stream through the usual online sources, like $3.00 on iTunes and Amazon. Lots of libraries have it on disc and no doubt there are some free sources out there, pirating just isn’t my thing.








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I'm an insect systematist with expertise in carabid beetles, who is always happiest in the bush.
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One Response to THEM! turns 60. Watch it [again] and tweet (26 Nov – 2 Dec).

  1. Possibly the first movie I ever saw on TV, circa 1962. Scared the hell out 7 yr-old me and significantly impacted my trajectory through life. The sound of spring peepers still reminds me of the general store scene when the expendable deputy gets it.

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