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I'm an insect systematist with expertise in carabid beetles, who is always happiest in the bush.

Bombo’s Big Question in 5 languages

  Hey everyone! Bombo’s Big Question is now also available in Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and Norwegian.          Links below.   English original: Spanish: Chinese: Korea: Norwegian:

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Bombo’s Big Question

On behalf of the Carabid-Q research Team* I am very pleased to present a book about a bombardier beetle for children that is beautifully illustrated by Ainsley Seago and chocked full of facts and fun. This beetle tale is suitable … Continue reading

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Vote now for a bombardier beetle genome

Vote daily from now until 5 April here Bombardier beetles are among the world’s most impressive chemists. They repel predators with rapid-fire, precisely-aimed explosive discharges of a toxic chemical mix at over 100°C, earning them lead roles in media … Continue reading

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New Pterostichus for Hilary

In 2015 David Maddison blogged about a trip we took to meet Hilary Hacker in Northern California (A Love of Leptoferonia). It was so amazing to meet her after being an admirer of her field work and her publication on … Continue reading

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Support the Essig Museum, Cal’s Big Give

For more about the Essig Museum click here or to donate now click the image below. Thanks for your support!  

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Enigmatic La Brea Tar Pit Insect Fossils

Anna Holden who recently wrote a guest post here  on insects from the La Brea Tar Pits as paleoenvironmental indicators has a lot more stunning insect fossils that have turned up during her studies. She is looking for help to identify … Continue reading

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Talk slides from I.C.E. 2016

I’ll be speaking tomorrow in a chemical ecology session about the carabid-Q project, in part. Here is a reduced size pdf of the slides for preview or review. Enjoy. kwill-ice-2016-presentation-v1_4-red    

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Poster previews for the 4th International Symposium of Carabidology in Athens, Georgia

Draft copies of two posters on carabid phylogeny and chemical defense evolution available for viewing. Continue reading

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One less Pterostichus for Montana

Previous report of Pterostichus restrictus from Montana proved to be an identification error and all specimens are P. protractus. Continue reading

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Ramp traps: A simple design

Together with a group of undergraduate students, I am comparing the trapping efficiency of standard pitfall cups and ramp traps. Preliminary results suggest that the ramp traps perform quite well. They catch a similar diversity of insects and don’t trap … Continue reading

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