Pterostichine DNA Needs

This list is of genera of pterostichines that I do not have for DNA sequencing.
It would be fantastic to get any of these, but most are not commonly collected.
Those in red italics are my highest priority.

Megamorio CHAUDOIR 1880 Africa
Platynodes WESTWOOD 1847 Africa
Buderes MURRAY 1857 Africa
Hyperion CASTELNAU 1834 Africa
Hyperectenus ALLUAUD 1935 Africa
Cratocerini LACORDAIRE
Oxyglychus STRANEO 1938 Japan, Ryukyu Islands
Drimostomini CHAUDOIR 1872
Andrewesinulus STRANEO 1938 Madagascar
Caecocaelus STRANEO 1949 Africa
Crenulostrigus STRANEO 1942 Africa
Camptogenys TSCHITSCHERINE 1899 Africa
Capabatus CSIKI 1930 Africa (Cape)
Dactylinius STRANEO 1941 Africa
Diachipteryx ALLUAUD 1925 Africa
Diceromerus CHAUDOIR 1872 Madagascar
Dromistomus JEANNEL 1948 SE Asia, may be misplaced here
Drymonaxus STRANEO 1941 Africa
Abacaelostus STRANEO 1952 Africa
Feostoma STRANEO 1941 Africa
Hoplizomenus CHAUDOIR 1872 Africa
Leleuporites STRANEO 1960 Africa
Madapelmus DAJOZ 1985 Madagascar
Monodryxus STRANEO 1942 Africa
Pachyroxochus STRANEO 1942 Africa
Pachycaecus STRANEO 1971 Africa
Platyxythrius LORENZ 1998 Africa (N.E.)
Stomonaxellus TSCHITSCHERINE 1901 India
Strigomerodes STRANEO 1939 Africa (N.E.)
Stegazopteryx WILL 2004 New Guinea
Abacillius STRANEO 1949 Africa
Abacillodes STRANEO 1988 Africa
Basilewskya STRANEO 1948 Africa (Cape), questionable placement
Celioinkosa STRANEO 1951 Africa
Colpodichius STRANEO 1952 Africa
Distrigidius JEANNEL 1948 Madagascar
Ecnomolaus BATES 1892 SE Asia
Haptoderidius STRANEO 1975 Africa
Haptoderodes STRANEO 1986 Africa
Holconotus SCHMIDT-GOEBEL 1846 Northern Australia, Asia
Litarthrum SLOANE 1915 Australia, only known from type, questionable placement
Metaxellus STRANEO 1960 Africa (N.E.)
Metaxys CHAUDOIR 1857 Africa
Meteuellus DEUVE 1990 cave in New Guinea? Need to look up Ref.
Novillidius STRANEO 1941 Africa
Oodinkosa STRANEO 1939 Africa
Ophonichius STRANEO 1943 Africa? Need to look up Ref.
Pioprosopus TSCHITSCHERINE 1899 Madagascar
Poecilinus JEANNEL 1948 Madagascar
Pollicobius VINSON 1939 Madagascar, Mauritius
Prostalomus BASILEWSKY 1950 Madagascar
Pseudabacetus BURGEON 1935 Africa
Pterostillichus STRANEO 1949 Africa
Rhagadillius STRANEO 1951 Africa
Taphoxomimus STRANEO 1975 Africa
Tiferonia DARLINGTON 1962 New Guinea
Trachelocyphoides STRANEO 1942 Africa
Trachelocyphus TSCHITSCHERINE 1900 Africa
Haploferonia DARLINGTON 1962 New Guinea, only known from type
Apsaustodon TSCHITSCHERINE 1901 South America
Blenniventer STRANEO 1986 South America
Bothynoproctus TSCHITSCHERINE 1900 South America
Cephalostichus STRANEO 1977 South America
Eumara TSCHITSCHERINE 1901 South America
Gastrogmus SLOANE 1915 Australia, only known from type, questionable placement
Haplobothynus TSCHITSCHERINE 1901 South America
Lobobrachus SHARP 1885 South America
Marsyas PUTZEYS 1845 South America
Meropalpus TSCHITSCHERINE South America
Neotalus WILL 2002 South America
Nesorthomus BEDEL 1899 Europe
Oribazus CHAUDOIR 1874 South America, Venezuela
Pachythecus CHAUDOIR 1874 South America
Pedius MOTSCHULSKY 1850 Europe
Trichopedius BEDEL 1899 Europe
Wolltinerfia MACHADO 1985 Canary Is.
Abacops TSCHITSCHERINE 1902 Africa (Cape)
Agastillus REITTER 1892 Europe
Analoma DARLINGTON 1971 New Guinea
Aphaonus REITTER 1887 Eurasia
Aristochroa TSCHITSCHERINE 1898 China
Aristochroodes MARCILHAC 1993 China
Camptoscelis DEJEAN 1828 Africa
Cedrorum BORGES & SERRANO 1993 Canary Is.
Chalcochrous CHAUDOIR 1838 Africa (Cape)
Crisimus HABELMANN 1885 Europe
Cyrtoderus HOPE 1842 Australia, probabaly a synonym of Delinius
Delinius WESTWOOD 1864 Australia
Euryabax FAUVEL 1903 New Caledonia, known only from type
Euryaptus BATES 1892 Asia
Harpostomus CHAUDOIR 1856 India
Henrotiochoromus BUSULINI 1957 Europe
Henrotius JEANNEL 1953 Europe
Hoplauchenium TSCHITSCHERINE 1900 Iran
Hoplodactylella STRAND 1936 Iran
Licentius JEDLICKA 1939 China
Molopidius JEANNEL 1942 Europe
Molopinus JEANNEL 1948 Madagascar
Nesites ANDREWES 1939 New Guinea
Ogmophora TSCHITSCHERINE 1896 Africa (Cape)
Oscadytes LAGAR 1975 Europe
Percolaus BATES Mexico, should split out Mayaferonia
Peyrieraselus DEUVE 1981 Madagascar
Rambousekiella KNIRSCH 1924 Europe
Rhytiferonia DARLINGTON 1962 New Guinea
Setalidius CHAUDOIR 1878 New Caledonia
Speluncarius REITTER 1886 Europe
Speomolops PATRIZI 1955 Europe
Stenochoromus MILLER 1866 Europe
Sthenocranion TSCHITSCHERINE 1899 Africa (Cape)
Straneostichus SCIAKY 1994 China
Styracoderus CHAUDOIR 1874 Europe
Tanythrix SCHAUM 1858 Europe
Teratotarsa TSCHITSCHERINE 1893 Africa (Cape)
Troglorites JEANNEL 1918 Europe
Tropidocerus CHAUDOIR 1878 India
Typhlochoromus MOCZARSKI 1913 Europe
Xenion TSCHITSCHERINE 1902 China
Zariquieya JEANNEL 1924 Europe
Paranortes TSCHITSCHERINE 1900 South America, probably syn of Pachymorphus
Metiini STRANEO 1951
Kuschelinus STRANEO 1963 San Ambrosia Is., Chile
Antarctiola STRANEO 1977 South America

2 Responses to Pterostichine DNA Needs

  1. Where in the Ryukyus is Oxyglychus? What kind of habitat would I find it? I’d like to visit the Ryukyus again – maybe next year?

  2. Kip Will says:

    I’ll dig up some exact localities soon. They are apparently found under bark on rotten logs like Caelostomus, which they greatly resemble.

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